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Atmospheric Sciences Program

Graduate Alumni

Andersen, Theresa K. (Geography, MS 2010)
A climatological analysis of drought and tornadic activity in the southeastern United States (PhD student, Department of Geography, University of Georgia)

Ashley, Sharon Trotter (MS 2002, PhD 2006)
A geographical analysis of flood hazards in the United States.

Ashley, Walker S. (Geography, PhD 2005)
Derecho-producing convective systems in the United States: An assessment of derecho hazards and family formation (assistant professor, Department of Geography, Northern Illinois University).

Becker, Laura (Geography, MS 2010)
The effects of tropical cyclone induced damage on the regional climate of the U.S. Gulf Coast.

Bentley, Mace L. (Geography, PhD 1999)
A climatology of derecho producing mesoscale convective systems in the eastern United States, 1986-1995 (associate professor, Department of Geography, Northern Illinois University).

Campana, Pete (Geography, MS 2009)
Water usage in Athens, Georgia as a result of the 2007 drought event and analysis of future water availability (senior geospatial analyst, Wiser Corp., Nashville, TN).

Carter, Michael (Geography, MS 2009)
Mesoscale circulations in the urban-coastal environment: An observational and modeling analysis of sensitivity to high resolution representation of the urban canopy (lecturer, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University).

Choi, Jongnam (Geography, PhD 2001)
Statistical characteristics and synoptic patterns of persistent positive temperature anomalies in the United States, 1950-1995 (associate professor, Department of Geography, Western Illinois University).

Dixon, Paul Grady (Geography, MS 2002)
Climatological patterns of Atlanta's urban heat island-initiated precipitation(assistant professor, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University).

Doublin, Jennifer Sheppard (Geography, MS 2003)
A spatial and temporal investigation of growing season droughts in the Southeast United States: An application of airmass and synoptic analyses.

Durkee, Joshua D. (Geography, MS 2003, PhD 2008)
Assessing the role of warm-season mesoscale convective complexes in subtropical South American precipitation variability (assistant professor, Department of Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University).

Dyer, Jamie L. (Geography, MS 2001, PhD 2005) †
Spatial and temporal trends in North American snow depth and relationships with streamflow and ablation (assistant professor, Department of Geosciences, Mississippi State University).

Fuhrmann, Christopher M. (Geography, MS 2006)
Severe convective wind environments in Georgia (Ph.D. student, Department of Geography, University of North Carolina).

Frye, John D. (Geography, PhD 2008)
An empirical study of the relationship between soil moisture and convection in the southern Great Plains (assistant professor, Department of Geography, Kutztown University).

Gamble, Douglas (Geography, PhD 1997)
Climatic and physiographic features associated with extreme unseasonable floods in the southeastern United States, 1950-1990 (associate professor, Department of Geography and Geology, University of North Carolina-Wilmington).

Hand, Lauren (Geography, MS 2008)
An investigation of warm season spatial rainfall variability in Oklahoma City: Possible linkages to urbanization and prevailing wind (Dewberry Inc., Atlanta, GA).

Jacobs, Jennifer (Geography, MS 2008)
An examination of variations in snow depth in the southern Rocky Mountains.

Kutney, Emily (Geography, MS 2009)
On the association of autumn Eurasian snow cover and winter North American temperatures.

Lieberman, Jordan (Geography, MS 2010)
Comparison of MODIS LST and SSM/I melt detection products on the Greenland ice sheet. (National Geospatial Intelligence Agency)

Lacke, Matthew C. (Geography, MS 2007)
Aerosols and associated precipitation patterns in Atlanta (Air and Radiation Protection Division, Jefferson County Department of Health, Birmingham, AL).

Mitra, Chandana (Geography, PhD 2011) 
A synergistic study of urban land cover dynamics-premonsoonal rainfall relationships in Kolkata, India using climatological, remotely-sensed, and modeling methodologies (Assistant Professor, Department of Geography and Geology, Auburn University)

Petro, Myron (Geography, MS 2011)
Late-summer heat waves and their impact on hyperthermia-related deaths in football players

Powell, Emily J. (Geography, MS 2003)
Greenland equilibrium line from ERS-1/2 scatterometers and surface mass balance model data (Ph.D. student, Department of Geography & Anthropology, Louisiana State University).

Ramseyer, Craig (Geography, MS 2011)
Forest fire aerosol forcing of precipitation along the U.S. south Atlantic coast

Underwood, S. Jeffrey (Geography, PhD 1999)
A multi-scale climatology of wind-driven rain for the contiguous United States 1971-1995 (assistant professor and state climatologist, Department of Geography, University of Nevada).

Wassel, Gregory A. (Geography, MS 2006)
A climatology of electrified convective snowfall events and their radar signatures(GoodCents Energy, Loganville, GA).

Zhao, Fang (Geography, MS 2011)
Precipitation changes near Three Gorges Dam, China

Zhou, Yan (Geography, MS 2008)
Atlanta’s urban heat island under extreme heat conditions and potential mitigation strategies (PhD student, Department of Meteorology, University of Maryland).

† Completed Graduate Certificate

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